Revised 06/2010 by order of the Cemetery Board


The cemetery is NOT responsible for any damage to monuments or vases.


The cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to any personal property or floral arrangement placed anywhere in the cemetery


A maximum of three floral arrangements or decorative items per gravesite.

Excess will be removed.


All flowers, decorations and containers placed on graves are to be removed within two weeks during mowing season or as soon as they become unsightly.


The cemetery does ground clean-up twice per year on March 1 and June 20th. Any grave decorations to be retained should be removed before those dates.  All holiday decorations will be removed in the March clean up


Winter decorations are allowed from November 1st through March 1st


Floral arrangements found loose on the ground will be discarded


No articles are allowed on graves that would hinder safety, mowing or maintenance.

This includes glass or ceramic vases, pots or similar items.


Live plants are not to be planted on cemetery lots.


Shepard's hooks, flag holders and or similar items must be placed at side of monument.


No ATV's or off road motorcycles allowed in cemetery. All vehicles must stay on roadway and not exceed 10 mph.


When setting monuments the location is to be with the consent of the Cemetery Trustees.


The monument base shall extend at least six inches beyond the monument and be at ground level.

All markers at foot end shall be at ground level.


The Sexton is to have charge of digging all graves.